10 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Transylvania

I had previously visited the capital, Bucharest, a year ago. We were visiting my partners mother who lives in a Bulgarian village not far from the Turkish border. We decided to fly into Bucharest instead of Sofia, as the price was cheaper and the distance equal. So basically we flew in and out of Bucharest spending nearly no time in the city. Feeling guilty of my treatment towards Romania I vowed to return and do it justice. Continue reading

How I spent my time in Hampi, India

Half way into my 1 month tour of India, my partner had to leave Bombay and return to working life back in England. The 2 weeks we spent traveling around Rajasthan had been an adventure, one that greatly deepened our bond.  Suddenly being alone felt intimidating, especially in Bombay.  I’ve travelled alone many times previously and knew I had to quickly snap out of my mood. I decided to leave Bombay that night by taking a night bus to Hampi. Continue reading

10 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Macedonia (FYROM)

Last June, I enjoyed an early summer trip to this small landlocked Balkan country with my friend, Lisa. We arrived in Ohrid, having flown with WizzAir from London Luton for the very affordable sum of £60 ($75usd) return. I’ve visited most of the Balkan countries, I love the sense of adventure and excitement I feel towards them. Off-the-beaten path and seeing a part Europe which is often ignored, to much ignorance. Macedonia has proven to be one of my favourite countries in Europe, check out the photos below and find out why you should book a flight.. Continue reading

Chungking Mansions: Hong Kong’s tourist slum

At last, I was to fulfill one of my dreams, to visit Hong Kong. My friend and I decided to visit the “Pearl of the Orient” during a month-long South East Asia backpacking trip. Compared to most other countries in this region, Hong Kong is a lot more expensive. Since we were traveling on a modest budget, we had to reduce the costs, so this meant staying in the cheapest accommodation possible. My only requirement was a private room, I could never handle a hostel, I appreciate my privacy too much. It quickly became clear that we had just one option, a guesthouse within the Chungking Mansions. I heard a lot about it beforehand, its infamous reputation excited me.. Continue reading

What $10 buys you in a Bulgarian supermarket

I recently returned from a trip to Bulgaria, where I got to experience the culture in a charming village, not far from the Turkish border. The cost of living in Bulgaria is very low, at least when compared to Western European countries. I was told that the cost of rent for a basic apartment in a nearby city, Yambol, can be as low as 80 lev ($47, £30) per month! Obviously this won’t buy the nicest of places, but I found it surprising that an EU country could be so affordable. Continue reading

Sunrise in Ghent

I’ve visited the Flemish city of Ghent on two occasions, both as morning visits. The reason being, it’s very convenient to add Ghent to a Belgian coach trip, so why not? We took the night bus from London Victoria coach station, operated by Megabus, we arrived in Ghent about 5:30AM, an hour or so before it reaches the capital, Brussels. The coach dropped us off at the Campanile hotel, which is on the city outskirts. So we had an hour walk to the city centre, no problem, at this hour we had time to kill. Continue reading

A summer’s day in Cologne.

We arrived in Cologne on the morning Megabus coach from Brussels, where we’d just spent the previous evening. With less than 12 Hours remaining before our 10 hour night bus back to London, I didn’t wish to waste any time at all. The coached dropped us off outside Cologne’s impressive Laxness Arena, which is a short and direct ten minute walk from all the action. In no time I’d been rewarded with that famous postcard view of Cologne. The bridge, the huge cathedral and of course the Rhine all fit together perfectly. Wouldn’t you agree? Continue reading