10 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Macedonia (FYROM)

Last June, I enjoyed an early summer trip to this small landlocked Balkan country with my friend, Lisa. We arrived in Ohrid, having flown with WizzAir from London Luton for the very affordable sum of £60 ($75usd) return. I’ve visited most of the Balkan countries, I love the sense of adventure and excitement I feel towards them. Off-the-beaten path and seeing a part Europe which is often ignored, to much ignorance. Macedonia has proven to be one of my favourite countries in Europe, check out the photos below and find out why you should book a flight..


^ 1. I love old cars! Check out the number plate – starts with “OH” for Ohrid, cute!


^ 2. Lake Ohrid is perfect for a cycling holiday, quiet safe roads and views like this.

^ 3.

^ 3. Our view of St. John Kaneo Church. Certainly worth the uphill hike from town.

^ 4.

^ 4. View of Skopje, the capital city. We took the cable car (£1.70/$2usd return) up Vodno Mountain to see the Millennium Cross Monument. However, the real attraction proved to be this view.

^ 5.

^ 5. We decided to walk down Vodno Mountain instead of using the cable car. It was worth it.

^ 6. ^ 6. Skopje, a unique statue of a girl diving into the river. Apparently it's also a good fishing spot.

^ 6.  Unique statue of a girl diving into the river. Skopje is full of so many random and often comical statues.

^ 7.

^ 7. Matka Dam, Skopje. The start of a beautiful days hike around Matka Canyon. Worth the effort to get here, take bus 60 from Skopje Bus Station. Costs a pittance and should take about 1 hour. Double check times coming back – we had to take Taxi.

^ 8.

^ 8. Check me out posing at Matka Canyon.

^ 9.

^ 9. My attempt at nature photography. These cute lizards are everywhere along the hiking path at Matka Canyon.

^ 10.

^ 10. Never a dull moment in Skopje. Shortly after watching protesters literally painting the main square red we noticed this. Corruption has angered the young population, which I can understand. However, it’s a shame to see monuments being damaged.




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