10 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Transylvania

I had previously visited the capital, Bucharest, a year ago. We were visiting my partners mother who lives in a Bulgarian village not far from the Turkish border. We decided to fly into Bucharest instead of Sofia, as the price was cheaper and the distance equal. So basically we flew in and out of Bucharest spending nearly no time in the city. Feeling guilty of my treatment towards Romania I vowed to return and do it justice.

Arriving at Brasov by train. Our journey from Bucharest took 3 hours and cost 38 lei (£7, $9).

I kept my promise and returned a fortnight ago, spending a week traveling from Bucharest to Timisoara with my darling friend Lisa. Romania has became one of our most favourite adventures shared together. The country had proved it was worthy of my time and respect. If you only visit one region in Romania, I strongly advise you make it Transylvania.

Below I’ve included my 10 favourite photographs taken during this trip. I hope they inspire you to visit and enjoy Transylvania as much as we did…

^ 1. Brasov has its very own Hollywood style sign. You can reach it by cable car for just 10 lei (£2, $3) or by hiking up. We hiked up in the morning, it was such fun and became the highlight of my whole trip.

^ 2. Looking down on Brasov as we hiked up Mount Tampa. We could have stared at this beautiful view for hours, but it was extremely cold.. so on we went.

^ 3. Here I am at the peak of Mount Tampa. As usual, risking my life for an amazing Instagram shot!

^ 4. Bran Castle. Residence of the infamous Dracula. You simply can’t come to Romania and not pay this spectacular castle a visit. You can reach Bran by taking a bus from Brasov Autogara 2. The schedule is pretty regular, a bus in each direction every hour or so. My bus ticket cost 7 lei (£1.40, $1.70) one way.

^ 5. Enjoying views of the courtyard within Dracula’s castle. We really enjoyed exploring this castle, especially the secret staircase. Expect lots of interesting information on the life and legend of Vlad the Impaler. The entrance fee is only 35 Lei (£7, $9).

^ 6. In Sibiu the buildings are watching you! Muhaha. Our train from Brasov took 4 hours to reach Sibiu. I was surprised by how affordable the train ticket was, just 21 lei (£4, $5). An hour longer than our previous train journey and yet half the price. Bargain.

^ 7. Like a fine leather jacket, the beauty of Sibiu has improved with age.

^ 8. Grand Square, Sibiu. My favourite photograph taken in Romania. You can reach this viewpoint by climbing the Council Tower for 2 Lei (£0.4, $0.5). I’ve not seen Sibiu in any other weather conditions, but it’s hard to imagine it more beautiful than this.

^ 9. The train journeys certainly aren’t boring either. Mountainous landscapes to derelict old train stations overrun with stray dogs. We found some of the station names to be quite humorous. Cunta, Fagaras and Faget. I’m so mature… haha.

^ 10. A hole-in-wall bakery serving my favourite, a Romanian hot dog. They bake the bread around the sausage, effectively hiding it. I fell in love with these, luckily bakery’s are in abundance throughout Romania so I was never far from one.


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