15698015_10209321131360349_2225103923863381782_nMy name is Daryl, I’m in my twenties and from the United Kingdom. Since you’re reading my blog, I can probably presume you’re somewhat like me.. obsessed with TRAVEL. It’s all I can ever think about, and to some extent, care about. I’m completely addicted!

I started traveling in late 2012, and in that time I’ve visited 39 Countries, many of them numerous times. I like to think I’m doing quite well.

As soon as I get back home from a trip I start thinking about the next. Planning a trip is so exciting, constantly researching locations on the internet is a hobby for me, I find blogs to be the best source of inspiration. This is why I decided to begin my very own blog, to give back to the community. Photography is a hobby of mine, I like nothing more than capturing unique images when I travel. This blog is primarily a showcase of all my favorites.


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