New Year in Copenhagen

My partner and I decided to celebrate New Year abroad, in the Danish capital ‘Copenhagen’. I’ve never been traveling this time of the year, mostly due to cost, so I was extremely excited to have the opportunity to see how the Danes ring in the New Year.

We arrived in Copenhagen late morning, which gave us time to see a few sights, settle in our hotel and research where to be at midnight. We decided to spend our night at the Town Hall, this seemed to be the most popular spot, but it was the ringing of the clock tower bells that sold it to us, quite the romantic setting.


I managed to get just me and the mermaid in this shot. Yay!

During winter, daylight is valuable in Scandinavia, so I felt obliged to fit as much as I can into these hours. We went on a long walk to the iconic Mermaid statue, passing the colourful houses of Nyhavn on the way. Nyhavn Harbour was so beautiful, I didn’t want to leave, and I could have sat around here all day, even in the minus 4 degree wind. After numerous photographs, we continued on towards the mermaid. I would say the walk was about 45 minutes, accompanied by the gentle sea to our right.
It’s pretty much just a statue on a rock, slightly out of reach. However it’s the legend and fame of the story that made this a popular and exciting attraction. Even on this cold winter day the place was crowded with people trying to find an intimate spot for a photo.


After a quick pit-stop, we decided we would walk to the town hall, from our hotel in Syndhavn, since the evening was young and we had time to kill. I’m so glad we did, we were awarded with the sight of numerous families letting off fireworks outside their apartment buildings. It did shock me at first, they were literally letting off fireworks on the city pavements and roads, as cars drove by. The fire department must receive so many calls, because this can’t be safe, surely? Or perhaps us English enjoy our health and safety attitudes too much.


Bomb-like firework mid-blast.

As we reached the square, things got a lot more exciting. Thousands of us were surrounding the square next to the Town Hall, forming a human fence of sorts. The firework display was pretty rough, it seemed to be organised by local men, of middle-eastern descent. They favoured this “bomb” type of firework that would certainly be illegal back in the UK, I’ve never heard such a loud explosive noise.

Minutes before midnight, one of these intelligent men decided it would be funny to throw fireworks into the crowds. Naturally, I was one of the unfortunate people to get hit! What were the odds? I was hit on my foot. Thankfully I happened to be wearing leather boots which took the impact quite well. However, I still received a painful bruise as a souvenir. As you can imagine this had put me in a bit of a mood, even now I can’t believe how lawless this display seemed, we didn’t see an officer patrolling all night.

Despite that, I enjoyed my New Year experience in Copenhagen. I wonder where I shall spend next year. I managed to catch footage of the rouge firework that hurt my poor foot, check it out below.


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