What $10 buys you in a Bulgarian supermarket

I recently returned from a trip to Bulgaria, where I got to experience the culture in a charming village, not far from the Turkish border. The cost of living in Bulgaria is very low, at least when compared to Western European countries. I was told that the cost of rent for a basic apartment in a nearby city, Yambol, can be as low as 80 lev ($47, £30) per month! Obviously this won’t buy the nicest of places, but I found it surprising that an EU country could be so affordable. Unfortunately, the quality of life is equally as low in Bulgaria, the average wage here is among Europe’s lowest, unemployment is also high. As a tourist you will find Bulgaria to be inexpensive, especially when it comes to food and drink. The country has not yet switched over to the Euro and instead uses its own currency, the lev. I imagine that when Bulgaria finally does adopt the Euro, the cost of living will rise..

I decided to set myself a challenge, to see how much I could buy with just $10US (£6.40). Billa is a popular German supermarket with over 80 stores in Bulgaria, this is where I purchased the following 19 items, yes 19! Here is what I brought for just $10..


The most surprising bargain, a 2 litre bottle of Bulgarian beer. I paid just 2 lev, that’s about $1.10US (£0.75). So it would seem Bulgaria is the perfect place for an alcoholic. For this price, it’s not too bad either.

1. Hell Energy Red Grape 250ml

2. Pepsi 1.5L

3. Turkish Delight 140g

4. Berry Cupcake 40g

5. Strawberry Cupcake 35g

6. Jaffa Cakes 135g

7. Yogurt & Berry Wafer 53g

8. Butter Sweets 90g

9. Milk Toffee Sweets 90g

10. Fruit & Nut Chocolate 80g

11. 7Day Coconut Croissant

12. Pitted Green Olives 150g

13. Spaghetti Pasta 400g

14. A Loaf of Fresh Bead

15. Sugar 1kg

16. Terter Sour Milk Yogurt 300g

17. Sliced Salami 80g

18. Kamenitza Beer 2L

19. Fresh Bulgarian Sausage 186g



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  1. “”” So it would seem Bulgaria is the perfect place for an alcoholic. “”” The best writing I ever seen in your blog! 🙂 Good post! Keep up with your work 😉

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